Mind Force Conference 2016

Mind Force Conference 2016



Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, Tuscany
30th September – 2nd October, 2016

The definition of the evolutionary power that we call Mind Force will be one of the scientific and social challenges of this century.
Complexity Science is the master key to understand the emergence of our presence in the world: the force of Human Dynamics.
The emergence of Mind Force is also empowered by recent advances in information technology, genetics, neuroscience and molecular biology, now providing
tools to deeply change human identity and its own evolution.
The purpose of this initiative is to encourage a mutual and fruitful cooperation between all sciences and disciplines contributing to our knowledge of human
dynamics. Neuroscience, psychotherapies, cognitive science, biophysics and other sources of knowledge will integrate their different perspectives.
A selected number of scholars meet for three days at a retreat in the hills of Tuscany. Every day the invited speakers stimulate the group to start a conversation,
as an active sharing of ideas and points of view. The interventions will be both innovative and non-technical to facilitate dialogues between different disciplines.
MAIN TOPICS Self-Organization, Complex Dynamical Systems, Wellness and positive psychology, Emergence, Bio-psycho-social dimensions of recovery,
Synchronization theory, Neural plasticity, Network theory, Smart Cities
MIND FORCE WJF III AWARD 2016 The Conference will be occasion to award a distinguished scientist with a special acknowledgement established in honor
of Walter J. Freeman III, eminent scientist and Mind Force co-founder



MFC 2016


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